Monday, March 23, 2009

Sheet Music Downloads Now Available!

While making some small changes to my website over the weekend I had a visitor come in through chat who asked if I knew where he could find the sheet music to a particular piece I had recorded. It just so happened that I DO know a few places to find public domain sheet music. This gave me the idea that I should include the sheet music for each of the recordings on my Lisztonian site. So I spent some time tracking down as many of them as I could and now when you visit the download page for each recording you can also download the score!

You can see at a glance if the score is available by visiting the main "Free Music" page where all of my recordings are listed. If there is a "PDF" icon then it means I have the sheet music for that recording.

The majority of the music was found from the Petrucci Music Library - a great resource for finding public domain sheet music. I have to admit, that for the majority of music I study I like to purchase my sheet music from Alfred. Their sheet music is of the highest quality available and I recommend purchasing the Alfred edition of whatever score you may be seeking. However, if it is unavailable or you just want to take a quick glance at the music, then the aforementioned resource is a great tool to have.

I hope that my readers and listeners enjoy this new feature of Lisztonian!