Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reminiscing - Moszkowski Etude in D Minor

I was first introduced to the music of Moszkowski through my master classes at Brigham Young University. Several students were learning various Moszkowski etudes. I distinctly remember enjoying a performance of the D minor etude, which consisted primarily of octaves. A couple of years later, while I was living in Japan, I came across a small music store hidden in an outdoor, covered shopping center. While perusing the music I saw that they had a book of Moszkowski etudes. I played the opening phrase of a couple of the etudes on a piano they had available and decided to add it to my collection. I started with the D minor etude, as it was one that I recalled finding so fun to listen to. I discovered that it was a very simple score to memorize and only took a couple of hours to commit it to memory - which is very impressive for somebody like me, who often struggles with memorization. I played the work at every opportunity I could find, including a public recital that I gave while living in a small city called Shingu (while still in Japan).

Eventually I returned home and re-learned the work for a recital that I gave in February 2003. Here is a video that I recorded of me playing Moszkowski's Etude in D Minor a few months before that recital:

I apologize that the syncronization between the video and audio appear to be off. Oh well :)