Saturday, March 7, 2009

Scriabin Etude in C-sharp Dedicated to Dave Broschinsky

About the Work

Alexander Scriabin was a fantastic pianist with an extremely unique compositional style. This Etude, in C-sharp Minor has become one of my favorite works to play. Here is an excerpt from my website that explains more about this work:

"This is my first recording of a work by Scriabin. Scriabin's music has a very unique and recognizable style to it. He was a talented pianist and lived an interesting "mystic" life with music at the center. This particular Etude was composed in 1887. The haunting melody is quite simple in that it merely ascends up the minor scale, with a short jump from the fifth to the octave with a quick descent to the sixth. This phrase then repeats throughout the work beginning on a variety of intervals and keys. As each phrase ends with a feeling of incompleteness, it provides the piece with a longing feeling - a need to return to "home" or the tonic. As the larger phrase finally makes its way back to the tonic, the journey there is through a descent back through the minor scale adding to the somber feelings that are stirred through this work."


This work is dedicated to a friend of mine, Dave Broschinsky, who I met through my association with IEEE. Dave is an excellent UI designer who has been kind enough to sacrifice some of his time in helping me give a slight refresh to my web design. Although the site has not changed dramatically, you will notice that there is a more modern and more appealing feel to the site :) This is thanks to Dave's handy work and expertise. I sincerely appreciate the kindness he has shown to me in performing this act of generosity.

I chose this particular piece as a dedication for two reasons. First, because it is a favorite of mine; and second, because it so aptly portrays a sense of incompleteness and of longing - and this is certainly the feeling I had about my website until Dave jumped in to help. I always felt as though the design was almost there, but that it was lacking the touch of a good UI designer. Now I feel much more complete.

If any of my readers/listeners are looking for a good UI professional, you can visit Dave's websites here:

His rates are competitive; his experience is diverse; and his quality is undeniable. Thanks, Dave, for bringing some freshness to my website :)

The Recording

You may listen to my recording of Scriabin's Etude in C-sharp Minor by visiting this page of my website or by using the media player below. I encourage you to subscribe to my free iTunes podcast so that you can easily download all of my current and future recordings.