Friday, September 5, 2008

Why I Love Recording at Home

I love recording at home. Despite my piano being less-than-perfect, I enjoy being close to my family and recording in a comfortable environment. When I first started recording I would insist on the house being perfectly quiet, or record only when my whole family was gone. I have since learned to deal with, and even enjoy the occasional interruption while recording. Obviously it slows things down a bit, but it is just so enjoyable being able to be near the family while I'm playing the music I love. It makes a difference in my emotions while making the music, which, I would hope, comes out in the recordings in a good way :)

During my last recording session the kids were all watching a movie in another room. Mid-way through the piece, my youngest boy came out and decided to "help" by hitting a few of the keys that he apparently thought I was missing. This sort of "interruption" has become common - but reminds me of how much I love my family. So I thought I'd share this little event with my readers. Use the embedded player below to hear my youngest son helping me with my recording: