Thursday, November 18, 2010

Schumann Fantasy in C Op. 17 III Lento Sostenuto

There are often life events that occur which cause deep reflection, sincere probing, and eventually a complete surrender to the lack of mortal ability to truly comprehend the workings of the universe. The term "unpredictable" is hardly adequate in describing the paths that weave our lives together, and sometimes tear our lives apart. As I find myself at these junctions in life, I find peace and safety in turning my heart to God, the Father of us all. I consider this a willing submission - an understanding that my thoughts are insignificant when compared to a higher, revelatory omniscience; an acceptance of my human weakness; an adoration for a caring and all-knowing Creator. To those who view my religious pining as a flaw, detriment, or weakness, I say, "let me have my religion!" Why disfavor a spiritual sense that brings peace during turmoil, purpose to the confusion of life, and inspires to entreat others with love and brotherly kindness? Is it a flaw to lift one another's burdens, a detriment to warm a saddened heart, or a weakness to lift the head that hangs down? Let me have my religion!

These are some of the thoughts that enter my heart as I listen to or play the final movement of Schumann's masterpiece keyboard work, Fantasy in C. I've just released my recording of this final movement and invite each of you to listen and reflect on what this music means to you. To me, it is a reflection of some of my heart's most intimate and tender feelings.

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Jeremiah Jones