Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An Inside Look at Lisztonian Site Statistics

I thought that some of my listeners/readers might enjoy having a little insight into some of the key statistics for my Lisztonian website. So here you go:
  • I am currently averaging over 2,000 new music downloads per day
  • The Lisztonian podcast is currently ranked #51 among the top music/audio podcasts in iTunes (down from #32 a few days ago - this ranking changes frequently but it is always in the top 75 and usually in the top 40)
  • Total cummulative downloads since January 2008 as of 6:57 am Mountain Time is 539,567 with 532,016 of those being MP3 and the remainder being WMA
  • Selections from the Lisztonian site have appeared in at least three amatuer films that I am aware of and in several online advertisements/marketing reels/etc
  • There are 57 recordings on the site representing 17 different composers
  • The iTunes podcast has recieved 12 reviews, each being 5 of a possible 5 stars