Monday, January 19, 2009

Add Classical Music to your Blog or Webpage!

Have you always dreamed of having the soothing sounds of classical music play on your blog or webpage? Probably not, but now you can do it anyway! I spent some time over the weekend creating a "widget" (or "gadget") so that people could add music to their iGoogle homepage... as it turns out, they (Google) also have made it easy to turn this into something that you can add to virtually any webpage including a blog. Here is a preview of the free classical music player from my iGoogle Homepage:

You can also see an example on the right-hand side of this blog :) So if you'd like to help promote good classical music then click here to see how to add the free classical music player to your site!


Ani said...

Interesting idea! Did you play all the pieces? What pianos were you using? I seem to have heard a couple of different pianos.

Steinway.. ow... I tried one during a Japan trip. It was heavenly. I am a very poor player, but the piano sounded so good I almost forgot my inadequacies :P

Jeremiah Jones said...


Yes, all of the pieces on the lisztonian website were performed and recorded by me. You are absolutely correct in saying that there are different pianos. My earliest recordings are from 1998, while some were from 2003. I then started recording again at home just last year (December 2007) and so everything since then was recorded on my upright piano at home. You have a good ear!

Yes, the steinway pianos are absolutely wonderful! Hopefully one day I'll be able to get one!

I hope you've enjoyed my music! If you have any friends or family who might enjoy free classical music, please be sure to send them a link to my website!