Friday, January 30, 2009

Improv on Bach Aria Dedicated to Haley and Her Family

Life is full of unexpected surprises and twists. Some of them are splendid, while others are dreadful. Some of us have experienced the unexpected injury or loss of a loved one. This morning I happened to be checking some of the statistics for my lisztonian music site when I came across a referring link that caught my attention. I typically do not take the time to visit referring sites, but I could not help be be drawn to the title, which was "". I visited the site and was deeply touched by the horrible circumstances that this unfortunate family has found themselves in. Their beloved sister, daughter, and mother was hit by a drunk driver and is currently in critical condition. It is not easy to watch a loved one suffer and to wonder each day if you will have another to spend together.

Haley, my heart reaches out to you and your daughter. Your life is in the hands of skilled doctors and ultimately in the arms of a loving God. We all will be hoping and praying for your quick recovery.

To her family, I know that no words can comfort and no gesture can heal your hearts, that are so deeply aching right now. Remain hopeful, watchful, and full of love - and miracles can happen. Life is fret with challenges and obstacles - all of which are for our learning and our good. Unite as a family and surround each other with hope and love and no matter what happens, your lives will be blessed.

I am dedicating a recording to Haley and her family that I was not planning on releasing for a couple of weeks. This recording is my own improvisation on a theme by J.S. Bach. It is the Aria to his Goldberg Variations. Bach experienced a great many sorrows throughout his life, and yet he always demonstrated a beautiful hope in the glory of God and a dedication to his faith. His Aria is a beautiful show of that hope and faith.

To Haley and her family, I hope that this music will offer some measure of hope and relief, if only but for a moment.

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My Dear Sister said...

Hello, I wanted to take the time and thank you for your gentle and kind words you posted on my sister's page.
Your comment touched our hearts and your blog about my sister was very kind. I apologize for taking so long for my sister or I to thank you.
My younger sister Haley is a wonderful pianist. My sister Kelly chose your playlist from blogger because she wanted piano music on the page for Haley.
Haley will definitely thank you herself when she is better, and I am sure will want to talk to you about music.
Like you our sister is very talented on the piano and music is her passion.
Thank you for your prayers.

Jeremiah Jones said...


It is thoughtful of you to stop by my blog and reply. Please don't apologize for taking some time to respond! Your family has plenty to worry about without having to reply to a complete stranger.

I would love to hear from Haley after she has recovered from this horrible accident... but again, there is no obligation to take time out of your busy schedules for any of you to worry about me :)

Take care, and know that many are praying for your family.