Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ching Toa Aristo Sham Gives a Stunning Performance

Yesterday I decided to take my daughter to the the Gina Bachauer competition. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for her to attend a piano recital since each competitor's performance in this first round is only 25 minutes and she is still so young that something much longer would be hard for her to sit through.

We arrived just before the final competitor in the afternoon session. The competitor was 12-year old Ching Toa Aristo Sham from Hong Kong. He played some Bach, Haydn, and Mendelsshon. His performance was one of the most amazing musical experiences I've had. He played with a musical maturity that most college-level musicians don't have (myself included). Typically a 12-year old musician, even the talented ones, seem to be copying another musician's style and artistry; but this young artist seemed truly that - an artist - and not just an imitator. Don't get me wrong - all of the other young competitors are amazing and what they will surely become is wonderful to think about. I am simply stating that I felt as though Ching-Tao was ages ahead of the typical artist of his age (even among the prodigious competitors drawn to the Bachauer).

I look forward to the great music he will produce in the future!

So far, the Bachauer has been a most rewarding experience - as it always is. If you live near the Salt Lake area, there is still over one week of competition left, so be sure to get some tickets and attend!


Anonymous said...

Googling the competition led me to your blog and found about Sham. Was wondering how he topped George Li who's a big talent in his own right. Then I found and listened to Sham's youtube clips, including his Beethoven concerto no.1. Truely amazing!
His phrasing is both subtle and natural, very very nice!

Jeremiah Jones said...

You are absolutely correct about George Li - he is an amazing performer and pianist. All of the six finalists gave stunning performances.