Saturday, June 28, 2008

And the 6 Finalists Are...

Last night I attended the evening session of the 2nd round of the Gina Bachauer 2008 Young Artists Competition. I heard four wonderful performances. Within about an hour of the last performance the jury announced the six finalists of the competition. I only had the chance to attend the performances of nine competitors, and none of the nine I attended made it to the final round. So I cannot give any commentary for the finalists, but hopefully I'll have something to say after the final round concludes this evening.

I'll post individual commentary about the performers I was impressed with last night in alternate posts; but here are the six finalists for the 2008 Gina Bachauer Young Artists Competition (not ranked in any order):
  • Nansong Huang (age 14 from China)
  • Jonathan Floril (age 18 from Spain)
  • Hin Yat Mozar Tsang (age 15 from Hong Kong)
  • Beatrice Rana (age 15 from Italy)
  • Si Jing Ye (age 16 from Chine/USA)
  • Kenric Tam (age 18 from USA)
To all of these great pianists - good luck at tonight's performance!