Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stephen Beus - Gina Bachauer "Piano Gold" Performance

Yesterday I received an email from Dr. Paul Pollei reminding me about the Bachauer Concert Series performance that would be going on this evening. For some reason, I neglected to get this on my calendar and so I hadn't even purchased tickets yet! It is a good thing he called, otherwise I would have missed a most spectacular performance!

This evening I had the extreme pleasure of attending the "Piano Gold" performance by Stephen Beus, sponsored by the Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation. What an amazing event! Stephen performed a perfect blend of music for his program. He opened with Bach's English Suite in G Minor - which awakened my senses. Bach is dear to my heart (as he is to virtually all musicians) and this performance was worthy of the greatest praise.

He then performed a piece that I was previously unfamiliar with, by Medtner - Sonata-Tragica (Op. 39, No. 5). Wow! I will promptly be purchasing a recording of this work so that I can appreciate it even more. Stephen played this with the power and force that is typical of his great musicianship. He followed this piece with one from my favorite composer, The Great Franz Liszt - La Campanella. His interpretation and the color that he added to this was marvelous! I have no hesitation in saying that this was my favorite performance of this work. I particularly loved how he played with some of the trills in this work.

He closed with one of my favorite Beethoven Sonatas - the Hammerklavier! It was pure joy to participate in this performance - and I use the word "participate" intentionally. Stephen has a way of drawing in his audience and he certainly did that this evening. His performance was a masterwork of art and entertainment.

Please visit Stephen Beus' website and support his artistry and career!