Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Farewell Waltz by Chopin Dedicated to the IT Faculty at BYU

Marie Wodzinska
This is my first recording of a Chopin Waltz. This particular Waltz (A-flat Op. 69, No. 1) is one of Chopin's better-known waltzes. As with many of his popular pieces, this work was published posthumously (after he had passed away). It is often called L'adieu, or The Farewell Waltz as a result of its origin. Chopin wrote the piece as a farewell to Marie Wodzinska (pictured to the right) to whom he was once engaged. Chopin was deeply in love with Marie, but her parents did not approve of Chopin's less-than-favorable financial circumstances. Thus the engagement was called off. Chopin was heartbroken and wrote this Waltz to his love, Marie, as a farewell.

In my recording I made every attempt to bring out the melancholy, the longing, and nostalgic reminiscence that I imagine would accompany such a sad parting.


This piece is dedicated to the faculty of the IT program at Brigham Young University. I spent 6 of the most critical years of my life under their watchful care and inspired instruction. I often reflect on the impact that each of them had on my education and personal growth. Although many of the professors I encountered during my education were wonderful, I was particularly appreciative to those of the IT program. I received my bachelor's degree in IT and my Master's in the Technology program so I had the opportunity to work closely with many of the faculty members. Each of them played an important role in my education.

Education is something I consider extremely important to individual growth and to the general improvement of our society. Without excellent teachers and mentors, it would be difficult to pursue a solid education. It is thanks to these willing and dedicated individuals that I personally have prospered and that thousands of others have benefited as well.

To them I say, "Bravo!"


This recording was made at my home on my studio upright. You can download this recording in the form of MP3 or WMA on my Lisztonian site. You may also subscribe to my free iTunes podcast which makes it easy to stay updated when I release new recordings. If you'd rather just have a quick listen, you can use the embedded media player below (I recommend downloading the full files from my Lisztonian site for better playback).


Jen said...

I love this song. Well played.

Jeremiah Jones said...

Thanks :)