Monday, October 27, 2008

John Field Nocturne in D Minor Dedicated to Joe Winther and Mike Goulding

This is my first recording by the lesser-known composer, John Field. Field was a talented pianist and composer and the world of romantic music owes a great deal to this man - he was the first to invent the "Nocturne" style of music. When one thinks of "Nocturne" the first composer one thinks of is, of course, Frederic Chopin. It was actually at a performance of Field's where Chopin was inspired by his new style of music (the Nocturne) and subsequently went on to write some of the most popular nocturnes in romantic music - all thanks to John Field.

I am dedicating this recording to Joe Winther and Mike Goulding - two friends and colleagues in my profession. I dedicate this recording to them because I think they can relate somewhat to this fine composer. Mike and Joe are the system administrators for the public company, aVinci Media. All IT personnel across the nation can probably relate to John Field because they are all under appreciated :) These are the people who keep our modern systems, networks, and technology alive and running! Unfortunately, they typically don't get recognized until something breaks, and then the recognition is not all that positive. So, like John Field, they work day after day contributing to the fundamentals of our modern lives, yet being given much less credit and positive recognition than they deserve! So, Mike and Joe, I dedicate this recording to you as my show of appreciation to the excellent work that you perform each day!

You can download this recording here or from my free iTunes podcast. You may also use the embedded player below to listen online. I hope you enjoy my recording of John Field's Nocturne in D Minor (Hopk. 59A: 13)!