Sunday, October 12, 2008

Andantino by Cesar Franck

I'm finally back! The last couple of months have been extremely long.... having a broken foot is definitely not something I would recommend (particulary the right foot) - especially if you enjoy playing the piano or driving.

Today's recording is my first work by Cesar Franck. It is a short and simple melody that hides within it Franck's love for organ music. The keyboard technique for this piece is relatively simple, yet reminiscent of an organ work.

I hope that you enjoy this recording! I know that I enjoyed finally being able to record something again. You can download a copy of this recording by visiting this page or by subscribing to my free iTunes podcast. You can also use the embedded media player below to listen online.


David Kruse said...

That's a pretty neat piece. It's very relaxing.
I actually never heard of that composer before. Thanks for sharing it!
(I was playing 'The Entertainer' just now and then heard this piece. Now I can go to sleep with pleasant dreams.)

Oh, I'm glad that your foot healed too. I feel for you because a couple of days ago I hurt my thumb and it was kind of a pain to play piano. But it's almost better now.

Sorry for such a long and awkward comment but I guess you won't forget it too soon.

I also wanted to say that you play very, very well. And have you ever played Chopin's Minute Waltz? Maybe you could record that?

Jeremiah Jones said...

I have not played Chopin's Minute Waltz yet, although it is definitely on my to-do list. I'm waiting until I have Alfred's edition of the Waltzes. I have Alfred's solo edition of a couple of them, but not the Minute Waltz.

In fact, I'm working on the A-flat and C-sharp minor Waltzes now and hope to have those released on my podcast within the next month. I'll bump up the Minute Waltz so that it is higher in my priority list though - just because you've requested it :) First I need to go order the sheet music though!

David Kruse said...

oh, okay, cool.