Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day Dedication #1
To My Mom-In-Law

I'm breaking out of my typical weekly (or bi-weekly) posting this week in light of the Mother's Day holiday. This first recording is dedicated with great love and admiration to my sweet mom-in-law. I like to use the term "mom-in-law" because it seems more personal :) I love my mom-in-law very much. She raised a wonderful daughter and two sons who I also greatly admire (James and David). She is intelligent, talented, fun, and thoughtful.

I chose to dedicate Schubert's Serenada (arranged by Franz Liszt) to her because this is one of her favorite classical works. It is a popular vocal work by Franz Schubert but has been transcribed for a variety of other instruments due to the popularity of the piece.

Happy Mother's Day Omonee!

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