Monday, May 5, 2008

Chopin - Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor
Dedicated to the Lloyd Family

Chopin's Nocturnes are among the best of classical music! This particular Nocturne was written in 1830 (while Chopin was about 20 years old). It was written around the same time as his famous 2nd piano concerto and even included a note with the first edition that specifically mentioned it as a "warm-up" of sorts to his second concerto. Chopin never had this work published. It was not released to the public until 1875, after Chopin had past away (he died in 1849). Thus it was published "posthumously", which simply means it was published after his death. Therefore it was never assigned an opus number by Chopin and remains a stand-alone Nocturne.

I am dedicating this recording to a friend of mine and his family — Steve Lloyd. He and his family have been wonderful supporters of my music. He also has been the source for many of the subtle features and changes on my Lisztonian site. Steve and his family represent the good in humanity and they provide all of us with a good example of what a family ought to be. Steve is also the founder of a family-oriented newsletter service that provides an ingenious solution for helping families stay in touch. So it is with great sincerity that I dedicate this Nocturne to Steve and his family - thanks for your support and encouragement!

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