Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What if I don't reach my goal?
What happens to existing donations?

I've now been asked this question several times and so I think it is worth a post.

Q: What if I don't reach my goal? What happens to existing donations?

A: At some point, if I still haven't reached my goal, then enough is enough! I still plan on providing free recordings, but will eventually buckle down and do one of the following:
  1. If I have enough money, then I'll downgrade my wishful thinking from a Steinway model B to a Boston Grand (still made by the Steinway company) - pictured to the right. These pianos are still excellent and are about half the price of a real Steinway.
  2. If I still can't afford a new piano and there is no obvious way that I can use the money to improve the quality of my music and recordings, then I'll donate the funds to the Gina Bachauer Foundation or some other worthy piano-related institution.


Mike Barskey said...

How close are you to reaching your goal?

Jeremiah Jones said...

Good question! I actually just added a tracking bar to my lisztonian site. I am currently at about $2,000. About $200 of that is from donations and the rest is money that I have been putting away each month. So I still have a way to go!

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah, Nice site, and I enjoy your recordings. I'm an amateur classical pianist as well, and work as a software engineer during the day. After playing for around 20 years on my Yamaha p22 studio piano - the first purchase I made when I finished graduate school - I recently upgraded to a new Kawai RX1 grand. I've played a lot of pianos (grew up playing my parents Yamaha C6) over the years, but have really fallen in love with my Kawai. The touch is fabulous, and now that I've played it a few months is starting to brighten up beautifully. I guess my point is, every serious pianist would love to have their own Steinway, but there are some very excellent mass produced pianos out there for a fraction the price of a Steinway that are very wonderful instruments. I actually hadn't even considered a Kawai seriously until the day I sat down at the one I eventually bought and played it. BTW, the Boston is actually made by Kawai but does not have Kawais ABS action.

Jeremiah Jones said...


Thanks for the tip! If I haven't reached my goal within a couple of years, then I will definitely be settling on something else. But there is no harm in trying!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the music and link, as far as downloading, can I include the music on a video? I included a couple of Chopin pieces you have and Goggle is claiming it is copywrighted material, I didn't know the masters could be copywrited, I will remove the subject songs and use yours if it is ok, I can give you a link if you so wish, thanks, gil

Jen said...
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