Monday, April 14, 2008

Two Arabesques for Piano (I)
Dedicated to the Robertsons

To all of my listener's I apologize for the several-week delay in releasing another recording. Sometimes life becomes too busy for personal hobbies :)

My latest release happens to be my first recording of a work by Claude Debussy (believe it or not). It is the first of two arabesques (Deux Arabesques). This is a well-known composition by Debussy, who is an impressionist composer. It is one of his earlier works, and is actually not very stylistic of the music that granted Debussy's title as an impressionist composer. Nonetheless it has remained a favorite amongst classical listeners.

This piece is often heard at group or student recitals. It is an all-too-common mistake (in my opinion) to hear this piece played at more of an Allegro tempo than the indicated Andantino. I've tried to maintain a strolling pace in this recording although it still feels a bit rushed at times.

I am dedicating this recording to my dear friends, the Robertsons. While I was living and serving as a volunteer missionary in Japan (for my church), the Robertsons acted as my mentors, guardians, friends, and stand-in parents. With hundreds of volunteers serving under their care and direction, they still took the time to make each one of us feel important and loved. They gifted true charity to everyone they encountered; and brought renewed hope, and a warm heart when people needed it most. So it is with utmost sincerity and respect that I dedicate the recording of this Arabesque to them.

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As has been the case with all of my recent recordings, this piece was recorded on a studio upright. Much of musicality is lost to the limitations of the instrument. To those of you who have enjoyed listening to my recordings, please consider signing your name to the lid of my future piano by making a donation. I am still a long way from reaching my goal, but I am hopeful that the day will eventually come that I can be recording free music on a new Steinway Model B. Regardless of whether or not you choose to donate, THANK YOU for your support and for enjoying the music that I provide.

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