Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Recording on the NEW PIANO! Beethoven's Ecossaises WoO 83

It's finally here! My first recording on my newly-acquired Steinway A III :) I've been recording music on my upright piano for several years and am so excited to finally be recording on such a fine instrument.

The piano was freshly tuned, regulated, and voiced earlier the morning of the recording session to make sure that it would sound its best. I hope that all of my listener's will enjoy the refreshing new sound!

Now for a little information about the work. This recording is a short, little piece by Beethoven. It is an Écossaise, which is a Scottish dance full of energy and wide-ranging dynamics. I am not aware of any title for this work other than Écossaise Serie 25 No. 302 (WoO 83). If anybody out there has heard of a commonized title, please let me know! This was a fun piece to learn and remains fun to play. My 7 year old daughter enjoyed it so much that she asked me to teach it to her. I hope that you will enjoy it as well!

In addition to the audio recording, I also made a home video of me performing the work. You can watch that below (if it shows up) or here, on my YouTube channel.

You can download the MP3/WMA or the PDF of the score from this link. As always, the recording is also available on my free iTunes podcast.

Jeremiah Jones


Rouxbarbe said...

The recording is far more better with this brand new piano! Now you'll have to record again every track already played ^^
Is the next step a new recording equipment or a room dedicated to the recordings? ;)

Jeremiah Jones said...

Thanks Rouxbarbe!

I think the next step will be a new microphone :) I think that will help make the piano sound more even and more natural.

This piano is more expensive to maintain (tuning/regulating/voicing) and so it might be a while before I get a new mic! But the sound is already so much better that I'm not going to complain ;)