Friday, January 15, 2010

Serhiy Salov - Bachauer Concert Series

Last night I had a truly remarkable experience. I attended the Gina Bachauer concert series performance by Serhiy Salov. This was a unique experience because Serhiy performed his own transcription of Igor Stravinsky's famous Ballet - The Rite of Spring. In addition to this marvelous work, he performed a couple of pieces from Bach's The Musical Offering, Portions of Stravinsky's Petrouchka ballet, and a Chopin Nocturne (D-flat Op. 27 No. 2). For his encore piece her performed Brahm's Intermezzo 117.

The evening was amazing. Serhiy had a miraculous way of bringing out and enhacing the beautiful melodies, bitonalities, and expressions that can be found in Stravinsky's music. In addition to this, it was a thrill just to watch Serhiy perform - to see his hands dance above the keys! In fact, prior to the commencement of the program I was contemplating the transcriptions and thought to myself that the only part of the ballet work that would be utterly missing from the transcription would be the ballet, the dance, itself! However, as Serhiy began to play and as I watched his fingers move so elegantly, yet powerfully, over the keyboard, I realized that the dance was certainly not lost in the transcription. I could hardly dare to blink, for fear that I would miss the subtle and beautiful choreography of Serhiy's hands on the piano.

A truly amazing experience. Bravo Serhiy! Bravo!

Jeremiah Jones


crazedc said...

Hi Jeremiah. This is Bryce at the Bachauer Foundation. I'm so glad you enjoyed the concert! Serhiy really is a powerhouse. He is returning to perform in our Competition this June. Check out and for details. See you there!

Jeremiah Jones said...


You can believe that I'll be there! I already have two tickets to the entire competition. As always, I'll be promoting the competition on my website and Facebook fanpage! The Bachauer is near and dear to my heart and I attend almost every concert and as much of the competitions as my schedule will permit.

So "yes!" - you will definitely see me there!

Jeremiah Jones