Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mozart Sonata in F K 300k - Allegro
Dedicated to David Baxter

It is about time that I create a new post. I went through a bout of "blog discouragement" for quite a while, which is why I did not create any new posts. In fact, I even went through the entire Gina Bachauer Piano Festival without ONE SINGLE UPDATE! Unbelievable :( In any case, I decided that it is time for me to update my blog and write a bit about my latest recording - Mozart's Piano Sonata in F Major K. 300k. This piece was composed in the summer of 1778. I chose this particular sonata because it is the first one in Schirmer's book of Mozart Sonatas :) I enjoy playing Mozart, but have never enjoyed it enough to make any serious study of his music. However, I have made a diligent effort to deepen my appreciation for his genius, and this has certainly occurred! I have been trying to play a little of one or more of his sonatas at least 2-3 times per week. His music certainly has a unique and highly identifiable style to it, and it is one that I have grown to love!

I am dedicating this recording to my good friend, David Baxter. I met David many years ago when I was a freshman in college and got a summer job working at Radio Shack. It ended up being a great experience because I met a couple of great people, David being one of those. David has a brilliant mind and a deep passion for space exploration. He is the president of the Utah Space Association and is leading a national effort to campaign for July 20th to be a nationally recognized holiday in honor of man's first walk on the moon. I have had a deep respect for David for many years now and have enjoyed his friendship immensely. It is with a sincere heart that I dedicate this recording to him and wish the very best in his endeavors!

You may download this recording to your computer by visiting this page of my website. I also encourage you to subscribe to my free podcast so that you never miss a new release! You may also use the embedded media player found below to listen online.