Monday, February 16, 2009

Luiza Borac - February 14th, 2009

On Saturday evening I had the wonderful pleasure of attending a concert by Luiza Borac. The event was sponsored and organized by the Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation. The performance included some of my favorite Schubert/Liszt Lieder transcriptions, the two famous Kreisler/Rachmaninoff transcriptions (Liebesleid/Liebesfreud), popular Chopin Waltzes, Strauss, and Copland.

The performance was spectacular. The program was designed artfully and I was impressed with the energy and technical skill that she exhibited throughout the entire performance. She even performed the Enescu Rhapsody No. 1 as an encore - which she executed as if she had an endless store of vitality.

She also provided the English translations to the Schubert/Liszt Lieder, which proved to be a highlight of the event for me! For several months I have been in love with "Auf dem Wasser zu singen" and yet I've never known what the song was actually about. Now I know! Here is the text for "Auf dem Wasser zu singen" translated:

In the middle of the shimmer of the reflecting waves
Glides, as swans do, the wavering boat;
Ah, on joy's soft shimmering waves
Glides the soul along like the boat;
Then from Heaven down onto the waves
Dances the sunset all around the boat.

Over the treetops of the western grove
Waves, in a friendly way, the reddish gleam;
Under the branches of the eastern grove
Murmur the reeds in the reddish light;
Joy of Heaven and the peace of the grove
Is breathed by the soul in the reddening light.

Ah, time vanishes on dewy wing
for me, on the rocking waves;
Tomorrow, time will vanish with shimmering wings
Again, as yesterday and today,
Until I, on higher more radiant wing,
Myself vanish to the changing time.

I also reaped the same benefit for two others that I enjoy: "Gretchen am Spinnrade" and "Erlkonig". I won't include the text for those here, but here are some links:
The evening was amazing and I purchased both of Luiza Borac's CDs that were available at the concert. I strongly encourage my readers to visit her website at: and consider purchasing one or more of her albums. I noticed that she also has an album titled "Wanderer" which I can only assume has the famous "Wanderer" Fantasy by Schubert - this is another one of my favorites!

Also, if you are near the Salt Lake area on March 17-18 then be sure to attend Roberto Plano's performance!