Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bach's Menuet in G dedicated to Kari Rasi.....whatever

I love Bach! Who doesn't? He is the supreme musician... the man to whom all musicians pay daily homage. Every day that I have time to play the piano I always include at least something composed by this amazing individual. Quite often if I am having a rough or stressful day, I'll pull out the theme to his Golberg Variations to calm my soul and settle my nerves. When I feel a need to reflect deeply on my life and explore new perspectives, I'll put in a recording of his Mass in B Minor, or perhaps his Chaconne in D (Bussoni's transcription). If I feel like improvising, I'll often take some of the beautiful chord progressions from any of his works and use that as the basis for my own creative sessions. I use his scores as the subject for study in all aspects of music. Bach is unchallenged as the greatest musical genius...

Now that I've introduced the composer, I will take just a moment to introduce the work. This recording is the very famous Minuet (or Menuet) in G. It is a very short piece and is actually an excerpt from a larger work titled Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach. It is an upbeat tune that is great for a quick pick-me-up. I don't consider this one of his greatest works, but it is popular and easy to learn so I recorded it :)


I am dedicating this recording to Kari Rasi-Koskinen. He is a talented individual who's personality fits this composition quite well. He is always an optimist and wears a smile no matter what the situation. Kari, thanks for bringing a ray of sunshine into the lives of all those with whom you come in contact... including my own.

This recording was performed at my home on my studio upright. You can download a copy of this recording as an MP3 or WMA by clicking here or by visiting my Lisztonian website. I encourage you to subscribe to my free iTunes podcast so that you don't miss out on any of my recordings! You may also use the embedded media player below to listen to this recording online.