Monday, January 28, 2008

CMCS Series: Larghetto in F

I have decided to create a series of recordings from the music book Classical Music for the Church Service: Volume II by Alfred. I have enjoyed many of the works in this volume. They are relaxing, peaceful, and offer a variety of forms and structures. As often as time permits, I'll be recording various works from this and posting it on my Lisztonian site.

The first of these recordings is Larghetto in F by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It is a slow, steady rhythm with a distinct Mozartian feel to it. You can visit the webpage to download the MP3/WMA of the recording, or you can listen to it here:

As always, if you enjoy these free recordings and feel inclined to help me improve their quality, then please support my endeavor to purchase a brand-new Steinway Model B! Any donation of $10 or more will be commemorated by having the donor's name printed prominently on the lid of the piano. Thanks for your support!